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02:45pm 18/06/2004
mood: sad
so here i am. i started writing in this incredibly addictive thing to get out how i'm feeling at a particular time.. to cite important days.. and it has helped me in tremendous ways. i'm a expressive, emotional person. i need to get out what i feel otherwise i'll die with everything bottled inside. there'd be nothing.. and lately, that's how i'm feeling..

i'm going to follow what someone told me about livejournal.. "don't stop writing in it for everyone else, do it for you. it helps you."

and that's what i've decided to do. for the past year and a half, this update-journal screen has become my comfort, my best friend. i wrote anything and everything in it and i shared it with the few people i wanted to read it. however, i feel like sometimes i hold back. especially lately.. no one understands my feelings except for me.. therefore i'm the only person who needs to see whats written in here, whether i'd like to re-live it or not.

maybe soon i'll change back or often times write a few entries to be viewed, but for now, i'd rather keep to myeself.. keep it "private". i'd rather not wash my linen in public anymore..and make this thing what it should be about.. me. maybe when i'm brave enough, i'll let everyone see it.

until then, i'll keep reading your entries and comment and keep up with this thing, i promise. but for now, the livejournal queen is backing down, handing in her crown, leaving the throne up for grabs.

it's been interesting.


(fORm beHiNd my eyEs..)